Quality Cancer Care You Can Count On

Prostate cancer is a serious health concern for men, and it requires careful attention and treatment from experienced medical professionals. Dr. Shahram and Mr. Gholami are leading experts in the field of prostate cancer, providing patients with high-quality care and the latest treatments.

Prostate cancer is the most common cancer among men in the United States, and it can occur in men of any age. However, the risk increases as men get older, and it is more common in African American men and those with a family history of the disease. While early prostate cancer often has no symptoms, advanced cancer can cause a range of issues, including difficulty urinating, pain or stiffness in the lower back, hips, or pelvis, and blood in the urine or semen.

If you suspect that you may have prostate cancer or have been diagnosed with the disease, it is essential to seek expert medical care. Dr. Shahram and Mr. Gholami are dedicated to providing patients with the best possible care, utilizing the latest technologies and treatments to diagnose and treat prostate cancer effectively.

One of the most advanced treatments available for prostate cancer is robotic surgery. This minimally invasive procedure allows for more precise removal of cancerous tissue and faster recovery times compared to traditional surgery. Dr. Shahram has extensive experience in performing robotic surgery and is recognized as one of the top practitioners in California.

In addition to robotic surgery, Mr. Gholami is working to improve the effectiveness and safety of radical prostatectomy surgery. This procedure involves the removal of the entire prostate gland and is often the preferred treatment option for more advanced cases of prostate cancer. Mr. Gholami’s research is focused on reducing the risk of complications associated with radical prostatectomy surgery, such as incontinence and erectile dysfunction.

When it comes to prostate cancer, choosing the right medical team is crucial. Dr. Shahram and Mr. Gholami are committed to providing patients with the highest quality care, utilizing the latest technologies and treatments to ensure the best possible outcomes. If you or a loved one are concerned about prostate cancer, do not hesitate to seek expert medical attention from these experienced practitioners.