Erectile Dysfunction

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Dr. Gholami provides Erectile Dysfunction (ED) treatment in a supportive and confidential environment using various procedures like Shockwave Therapy. Dr. Gholami effectively treats Erectile Dysfunction in patients so that men can resume sexual intimacy with their partners.

About Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile Dysfunction, impotence or ED is not easy to talk about, but it is the most common sexual problem that men report to their doctor. ED is when a man finds it difficult to get or keep an erection that is firm enough for sexual intercourse. ED is very common, affecting one out of two men over the age of 50, but it can affect men of all ages.

Erectile Dysfunction is more common as men age but growing old is actually not the cause. Erectile Dysfunction (ED) can signal an underlying health and/or emotional problem, so it is important to talk to your doctor about it to find the cause. ED happens when there is limited or no blood flow into your penis or when the nerves in the penis are harmed. This can be caused by many things like certain medications you are taking, stress or emotional problems, treatment for cancers of the prostate, colon rectum, or bladder, injury to the pelvis, alcohol, drugs, or smoking, or it could be an early warning sign of a more serious illness like heart diseases like high blood pressure or diabetes.

Diagnosing erectile dysfunction starts with a conversation with your doctor. Your doctor will talk with you about your general health along with your erection problems. The doctor will also ask you many questions, and some of these questions may be personal or seem embarrassing, but it is important to be honest with your doctor so they can help find the cause and give you the best treatment option for your ED. During your visit, your doctor may also give you a physical exam, order lab tests, or refer you to a urologist. 

Treatment for ED starts with taking care of your heart and vascular health, and you may be encouraged to make certain lifestyles changes like improving your diet (eat more plant-based and less processed food), increasing exercise, maintaining a healthy weight, limiting drug, stop smoking, and alcohol use, and sleeping more (ideally seven to eight hours every day).

After lifestyle changes, other treatment options for ED include oral medications or drugs, testosterone therapy, vacuum constriction devices, penile injections, and Penile implant surgery.

Though these treatments help the symptoms, they do not fix the underlying problem, so it is very important that you consult Dr. Gholami to learn about the underlying cause and try to manage medical or emotional issues that may be causing your erectile dysfunction.

Diagnosing and treating the conditions that cause ED is important for your mental and physical health and sexual life. With Dr. Gholami’s help, many men enjoy good health and sexual activity.


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